5 Practical Ways to Take Proper Care of Your Dog’s Joints

Arthritis in dogs highly affects your dog’s life and stops your pet from doing the things that he used to do. Typically, it happens in older dogs, but younger dogs are also prone to the development of bone/joint problems.

Some dogs have a little bit of discomfort while some get suffered a lot and can’t walk when they have joint problems. Joint pains in dogs don’t go away easily. So, you need to take proper care of joints in dogs. Here are some ways that can help you make your furry friend feel better:  

1. Control your dog’s weight

Obesity is the primary cause of joint issues in canine arthritis. Your dog has higher chances of being overweight if your pet eats too much, is not physically active, or has a likely weight gain. The excess fat places strain on your dog’s joints and bones, causing arthritis.  

To manage your dog’s weight, you need to pay attention to what you feed your furry friend. Feed your pet the food that has a low-fat content. Whatever you feed your dog must be a part of a long-term diet plan. Opting for the foods with low-fat content and rich protein content will be helpful for your pet. Have a close watch on your pet’s weight and try to take efforts to make your dog have weight gain/loss if your pet is underweight/overweight.

2. Feed dog joint care supplements that are enriched with glucosamine/chondroitin

Feeding a glucosamine rich supplement to your furry friend is highly beneficial if you are serious about keeping joint problems at a bay. Glucosamine is a natural herb, which helps to repair cartilage damage and lubricate your pet’s joints. Due to the presence of anti-inflammatory effects, this herb extract reduces swelling and pain in your dog.

3. Monitor your pet’s temperature at home

Apart from taking care of your dog’s health, you should work to prevent your pet from having any injury that can cause joint pain in the future. For instance, if you let your furry friend jump too high or run too much, joint pain might develop from his early injuries.

Besides, you need to make a temperature at home for your pet’s better care. Never let your furry friend sit on a wet surface. Use a thermometer to keep monitoring your pet’s temperature and try to have a control on it for better health of your furry friend.

4. Visit a pet specialist regularly

Joint pain is a part of a dog’s aging process. To keep it at a bay from your furry friend, you should regularly visit a pet specialist. Your regular visit to a pet specialist might help you detect joint problems earlier. As a result, you can save your pet from severe suffering.

5. Let your furry friend do light exercises

Besides feeding, doctor visits, and a healthy diet, you should pay attention to your pet’s activeness. Play or run with your dog but within a limit. Avoid doing anything too much. If your furry friend is unwell, take him out for a short walk and let him have proper rest.


With age, joint problems are common in dogs. However, you can control or keep joint issues at a bay from your dog by feeding glucosamine rich supplement, monitoring temperature, keeping physically active, visiting a pet specialist, and having a control on your pet’s weight.  


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